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This is the official page for ArcheOS documentation. Are you looking for ArcheOS homepage? Or you want to download it?

Here you can find information about the operating system itself (how to install it, how to upgrade it, etc.) and about the applications installed. A list of tutorials is also present, be sure to check first that the version of ArcheOS you are using is listed on the top of the tutorial’s page. This documentation (slightly modified) is installed also in every ArcheOS operating system from version 5 (theodoric), users can browse it offline pointing their preferred browser to /usr/share/archeos-manual/html/index.html.

If you want to collaborate to this documentation please contact us or fork this project on GitHub and send us a pull request!


ArcheOS is a free operating system built with archaeologist needs in mind. Is based on Debian which is one of the most popular, secure, stable and reliable GNU/Linux distributions. This means that part of the software is maintained by Debian and not by ArcheOS developers.

The current version uses XFCE as default desktop manager, although is possible to custom build ArcheOS with a different desktop environment: How to build the ArcheOS ISO image.

The software that is not available on the Debian repositories but we consider important to include into the distribution is choosen, tested and packaged by our developers (all volunteers) and made available to you.

All software present in ArcheOS is open source and where possible, free software. If you don’t know what that it means or you are not sure about what advantages this can bring to your work, please see the Wikipedia page about.

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