Developer’s HowTos

How to add new application into ArcheOS

To add a new application into ArcheOS you need to perform some modification into different repositories. In general we follow these steps:


  1. The application must be packaged for Debian, preferring a source package format rather binary one.
  2. The package must be available on official Debian repositories (main, contrib or non-free) used by the target ArcheOS version; for example ArcheOS 5 Theodoric uses the Debian Wheezy repositories. Alternatively the package must be included into the official ArcheOS repositories.

Add to the appropriate metapackage

  1. Add the package name into the appropriate section into the archeos-meta package. As example: if I want to add the tellervo package I will clone the archeos-meta repository, edit the debian/control, add the package under the dendrochronology section (Package: archeos-dendrochronology) and follow the usual procedure (commit, write changelog, build package, upload on ArcheOS repository). Refer to the archeos-meta package build instructions for more information about.

Add entry to menu

  1. If the package needs an entry on the custo ArcheOS menu, you need to manually insert an entry into is under the appropriate submenu. The archeos-menu package page explains all the details on how it works.
  2. Clone the archeos-menu repository and follow instructions here: Create menu entry
  3. If the package needs to be inserted into a new (not yet created) submenu be sure to follow also these instructions: Add a new submenu
  4. Commit, build and upload the package to the official ArcheOS repositories as indicated in the archeos-menu package page.

Write documentation

  1. If needed write the appropriate documentation into the archeos-manual package. Follow instructions on that page to build and upload the package to serve documentation to the ArcheOS users.
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