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This page describes the state of art and process related the ArcheOS website.


The ArcheOS website is built with Sphinx from the git repository.

Build the website


  • Sphinx installed system-wide or inside virtualenv


Simply clone the git repository and run make clean && make html in the cloned folder. The output should be available to be opened in browser (try opening _build/html/index.html).

Upload to server

Use ftp to upload the content of the _build/html/ folder on the documentroot of server (currently hosted at tophost).)


Test website

If you want to try changes to the website before pushing to prod a virtualhost for (or ) is present on farpoint.


  • Go to
  • Pull latest changes on /srv/website/archeos-website on the desired branch (usually master)
  • Run make clean && make html on the above folder
  • Test pointing your browser to

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